Zbrush Core First Impressions

zbrush zbrush core Aug 16, 2016

Let's talk about Pixologic's amazing new simplified product called Zbrush Core!

I was invited by Pixologic to beta test the new Zbrush Core product. They are releasing it sometime this month. I am so excited about Zbrush Core! What I am most excited about with this product is, the low price point will allow so many new users to start getting their feet wet with the amazing world that is Zbrush! The price is only $149! Super cheap! You can purchase Zbrush Core here. With Zbrush Core I was able to produce several cartoon characters. I used all of the brushes, tools, and elements that ship with Core. As you can see in this video that Pixologic put together (thank you for the fine job Pixologic crew), I had an absolute blast!

Zbrush Core comes with all of the sculpting tools you need to get a good handle on building characters with Zbrush.  For example, Core has Dynamesh, SubTools, and Subdivision Surfaces. In addition, Core has...

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