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This is the home for my Online 3D Character Workshop.

Currently the Workshop is closed for enrollment.

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This is my personal Zbrush User Interface with a custom pop-up menu to help spend less time digging through menus, and more time sculpting!

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Getting correct scene scale between programs can be frustrating. Exporting at the correct scale for 3D Printing can be a mystery. Use this ruler to help solve these probems!

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"I’ve been teaching 3d computer graphics for over 12 years and have been involved in 3d computer graphics for over 25 years. I not only recommend Shane’s tutorials to my students, but I also use them myself. He approaches teaching as the accomplished artist that he is, and doesn’t just show you where all the buttons and menus are, but shows you how to approach creating amazing 3d work as a creative person. "

Breadwig Ballinger
Freelance Artist

"Finding solid ZBrush instruction is hard. Fortunately, Shane Olson has put together a course teaching concepts essential for using ZBrush to design appealing characters. Important concepts that can be translated directly into my own projects!"

Scott Briscoe
Freelance Artist

"Good training doesn’t talk down at you, but guides you and anticipates what knowledge you need to insure you can follow the course. Shane Olson excels at this which is why it’s a course that even someone with fairly little knowledge of ZBrush can use it. I’ve been diligently trying to keep mastering my ZBrush skills and there were still some great nuggets that I gleaned from each video I watched."

Cris Palomino
Freelance Artist

"You've been the best teacher I've ever had. I have confidence that I can do better things now."

Daniel GameBoy Peterson

"Shane Olson, Thanks for your course. I attended school to learn CGI and still I had problems to understand the process. You are the missing link"

Daniel Tucker Lizzama

"Literally the best money I've spent so far. Worth every penny. Learned more from the course than in my college degree for 3d modeling"

Shon Burke

"I'm telling you, this course is been worth it since the beginning. Thanks Shane for everything!"

Carlos Lee

"Shane's workshop is the answer for every artist that is struggling to create stylized characters. His principles and way of teaching are different from any course you will find and makes it worth every penny you will spend on this course."

Joao Sousa