3DCW Student Challenge MerMay 2019

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019

Here are the results of the MerMay 3DCW Student Challenge of 2019!

This time the subject was to "Speed-Sculpt anything with a Mermaid theme". 

The idea for this challenge came from traditional Disney Animator, Tom Bancroft, who created this challenge for anyone wanting to increase their drawing skills by drawing Mermaids. Tom came up with a list of prompts to help artists come up with ideas and give them inspiration. Here is that list:


Now that you know what MerMay is, let's talk about Tom Bancroft for a moment. 

Tom Bancroft has over 25 years of experience in the animation industry, much of which was for Walt Disney Feature animation where he was an animator on 4 animated shorts and 8 feature films of which “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Lion King,” “Aladdin”, “Pocahontas”, “Mulan”, and “Brother Bear” were part of the list. He has been nominated for Annie and Rueben division...

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3DCW Creaturebox Student Challenge

Here are the results of the first 3DCW Student Challenge of 2019!

This time the subject was to "Sculpt anything from the hands and minds of Greg Baldwin and Dave Guertin of Creaturebox!"

What is Creaturebox?

Here is a blurb from their about page:

At its core, CreatureBox is for anyone who enjoys bizarre monster design, comics of spacemen, and illustrations of everything in between. For the past several years, we’ve spent most of our time digging deep into what makes characters tick while trying to tell a few stories along the way. We’ve had influential childhoods filled with cartoons, robots, aliens, and creatures of all shapes and sizes.
Yet through it all, we’ve found collaboration to be the most critical ingredient. Together this has allowed us to expand our sensibilities while challenging each other to become better designers. Most importantly, we’ve found tackling creative battles as a team is good fun and always provides a fresh perspective....
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Halloween Challenge 2018

For this challenge, the students were asked to model a collectible with a Halloween theme. 

 The students had six weeks to complete this challenge ending at midnight on Oct 20th. The students were judged on appeal, how it would look as a collectible, and did it represent "Halloween".

We had 23 entries, so I pulled in three celebrity judges from the collectibles industry this time! 
Thank you so much for volunteering your time judges! Love you guys!!

Judge #1 is the super skilled Ryan Peterson!

Ryan currently works as a Freelance Sculptor (both digital and traditional) and has done a lot of life-sized busts for Sideshow Collectibles. Ryan has done a lot of high profile work including a lot of film work with people such as Rick Baker. Ryan currently has a modest studio here in Utah that he works out of. I love spending time with Ryan in his studio, he's always working on some incredibly fascinating piece and he's a pleasure to talk to. Always...

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Randy Bishop Student Challenge 2018

bust challenge randy bishop Aug 09, 2018

For this challenge, the students were asked to model a bust from any character created and approved by the wonderful Randy Bishop. 

Here is Randy's webpage, and his Instagram. Please show him your love and support with follows and likes!

Randy is a hardworking and talented artist who has been working as a freelancer for the past several years in the animation, gaming, and publishing industries. His talents include character design, illustration, visual development, and more. Randy has a passion for storytelling and has several personal projects he's pursuing.

Thanks, Randy!

The students had one month to complete this challenge ending at midnight on July 31st. The students were judged on how close they came to the concept and overall appeal.

We had almost 30 entries, so I pulled in five celebrity judges this time!
Thank you so much for volunteering your time judges!

Judge #1 is the super skilled Brice Laville Saint-Martin!

Brice currently works...

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Luigi Lucarelli Student Challenge 2018

challenge luigi zbrush Apr 10, 2018

For this challenge, the students were tasked with modeling any character concepted and approved by the incredible Luigi Lucarelli. 

Here is Luigi's ArtStation, and his Instagram. Please show him your love and support with follows and likes!

The students had two months to complete this challenge ending at midnight on March 31st. The students were judged on how close they came to the concept and overall appeal.

There are four fabulous judges! Thank you so much for volunteering your time judges!!!

Judge #1 is the super awesome Weston Reid!

Weston worked at NCsoft, and now he's at Carbine as a Lead Character Artist! Weston worked on the oh-so-gorgeous Paladins game. You can check out his amazing work over on his ArtStation.

Judge #2 is the highly skilled Matthew Kean!

Matthew works at Firaxis as a Lead Character Artist. He has worked on a game series you may have heard of... Civilization! You can check out a bunch of Matthew's amazing art over on his ArtStation....

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Shane Olson and Matthew Armstrong's visit to CTNX 2016

california ctn disney zbrush Nov 26, 2016

Every year I look forward to making the trek to the Creative Talent Network Expo (CTNX) held in Burbank California.

This was my third time going to CTNX, and it's always a great pleasure! CTNX is like a huge artists reunion of amazing talents from all over the world. I always see plenty of familiar friendly faces and many new ones! My favorite part is meeting people that I have admired, and bumping into people I have somehow inspired. It always reminds me why I keep doing what I do. I was also lucky enough to travel with my great friend and co-worker Matthew Armstrong that just so happens to be an amazingly skilled concept artist. You can see some of Matt's fantastic work here.  


CTNX started out with a bang! The first stop was Disney Feature Animation. Dylan Ekren was kind enough to give Matt and I a fabulous tour of the newly remodeled studio. They just finished working on Moana and were also working on a few new...

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Zbrush Core First Impressions

zbrush zbrush core Aug 16, 2016

Let's talk about Pixologic's amazing new simplified product called Zbrush Core!

I was invited by Pixologic to beta test the new Zbrush Core product. They are releasing it sometime this month. I am so excited about Zbrush Core! What I am most excited about with this product is, the low price point will allow so many new users to start getting their feet wet with the amazing world that is Zbrush! The price is only $149! Super cheap! You can purchase Zbrush Core here. With Zbrush Core I was able to produce several cartoon characters. I used all of the brushes, tools, and elements that ship with Core. As you can see in this video that Pixologic put together (thank you for the fine job Pixologic crew), I had an absolute blast!

Zbrush Core comes with all of the sculpting tools you need to get a good handle on building characters with Zbrush.  For example, Core has Dynamesh, SubTools, and Subdivision Surfaces. In addition, Core has...

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