Halloween Challenge 2018

For this challenge, the students were asked to model a collectible with a Halloween theme. 

 The students had six weeks to complete this challenge ending at midnight on Oct 20th. The students were judged on appeal, how it would look as a collectible, and did it represent "Halloween".

We had 23 entries, so I pulled in three celebrity judges from the collectibles industry this time! 
Thank you so much for volunteering your time judges! Love you guys!!

Judge #1 is the super skilled Ryan Peterson!

Ryan currently works as a Freelance Sculptor (both digital and traditional) and has done a lot of life-sized busts for Sideshow Collectibles. Ryan has done a lot of high profile work including a lot of film work with people such as Rick Baker. Ryan currently has a modest studio here in Utah that he works out of. I love spending time with Ryan in his studio, he's always working on some incredibly fascinating piece and he's a pleasure to talk to. Always...

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