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Patreon Membership

Join my Patreon Membership to witness live mobile character creation using Nomad Sculpt on an iPad. Ask me questions and enjoy interactive sessions at an affordable monthly fee.

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3D Character Workshop Training Bundle

Master the art of character creation for video games and collectibles with my comprehensive collection of courses. Learn to sculpt using any digital sculpting software and unleash your creativity.

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1on1 Coaching

Elevate your learning with personalized guidance. Enroll today in my exclusive 1on1 mentorship program to receive personalized instruction and assistance in building a strong portfolio.

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Official 3DCW
Blender Add-On

This is the official 3D Character Workshop Blender Add-On. This add-on comes with several tools to help you follow along with the workshop using Blender. Click here to find out more.

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Here is some free training from my YouTube channel.
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