3D Character Coaching:

Are you passionate about creating stunning 3D characters for video games or toys? Do you dream of turning your love for digital art into a rewarding career or freelancing opportunity? Look no further – my personalized 3D Character Coaching is designed to help you master the art of stylized character creation and pave your way to success!

Expert Guidance Tailored to Your Goals:

Hi, I'm Shane Olson. With my personalized coaching, you'll receive individualized attention and guidance. Drawing from over 25 years of experience and a track record of success, I will empower you to overcome technical hurdles and elevate your artistic skills to new heights.

Master the Software:

Don't let complex software intimidate you! My coaching program will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to navigate the tools and techniques used in character creation. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, I'll meet you at your skill level and guide you toward mastery.

Sculpted by Coaching Student:
Wilberth Contrares

Sculpted by Coaching Student:
Ian Marshall

Unlock Your Creative Potential:

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience. Through live demos, hands-on exercises, and constructive feedback, you'll enhance your artistic sensibilities, develop your unique style, and unleash your creative potential. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities!

Join a Community of Like-Minded Artists:

Join my vibrant and supportive community of fellow artists on the same journey. My active private Discord server provides a safe space to share your work, seek feedback, and connect with peers. Collaborate, inspire, and grow together as you embark on this artistic adventure.

Sculpted by Coaching Student:
Brad Lamey

Realize Your Dreams:

My coaching program isn't just about learning; it's about achieving your dreams. I take pride in the success stories of my students who have secured positions at renowned companies like Disney, Hasbro, Funko, Blizzard, and Big Shot Toys. With my guidance, you too can turn your passion into a fulfilling career.

Are You Ready to Take the Leap?

Invest in your future and take the first step toward realizing your dreams. Limited spots are available for my exclusive one-on-one coaching program, so don't miss this opportunity. Join the ranks of successful artists who have unlocked their potential and made a mark in the video game and toy industries.

Silver Package
(Single 1-Hour Session)



1-Hour Session of Live Expert Coaching & Training

Self-service scheduling, immediately upon purchase


Gold Package
(Two 1-Hour Sessions)



Two 1-Hour Sessions of Live Expert Coaching & Training

Self-service scheduling, immediately upon purchase


Platinum Package
(Four 1-Hour Sessions)



Four, 1-Hour Sessions of Live Expert Coaching & Training

Self-service scheduling, immediately upon purchase


Enroll in my Personalized 3D Character Coaching today and embark on a journey that will transform your skills, boost your confidence, and open doors to exciting career prospects. Together, let's bring your imagination to life!