"I'm super humbled by all of the constant feedback I get from my students. "


Honestly, Thank you Shane for what you do. i really appreciate the lifelong learning you provide. I am very thankful that you do your class different that everyone else. You are always up on posts and providing help and info when needed. Keep doing what you do and i wish you all the best and continued success because you deserve it! Very good dude. One day if i ever meet you in person beers on me! - Mike Black

I’ve been learning from Shane’s online tutorials for years, but 3D Character Workshop truly takes it to the next level! The process Shane covers gives you exactly what you need to make super appealing, game ready characters. I highly recommended this course! -Christopher Dean

You've been the best teacher I've ever had. I have confidence that I can do better things now. - Daniel GameBoy Peterson

Shane Olson, Thanks for your course. I attended school to learn CGI and still I had problems to understand the process. You are the missing link.- Daniel Tucker Lizzama

Literally the best money I've spent so far. Worth every penny. Learned more from the course than in my college degree for 3d modeling - Shon Burke

I'm telling you, this course is been worth it since the beginning. Thanks Shane for everything - Carlos Lee

Shane's workshop is the answer for every artist that is struggling to create stylized characters. His principles and way of teaching are different from any course you will find and makes it worth every penny you will spend on this course. - Joao Sousa

I can vouch for shane's course! He has shared many of his students works and they are very very successful! Shane has a very straight forward way of teaching and breaks down complex ideas into bite-sized manageable concepts that are easy to grasp and very hands-on! You should all definitely give it a look-see. - Ashley
I learned a lot with this workshop, especially to work neatly. I participated in other Zbrush courses, but with Shane I'm learning how to do a character cleanly throughout its pipeline. The workshop community awesome! The feedback is precise and punctual, they really help you grow and improve your skills. Thank you - Ambra Bianconiglio
I send u this message for say thanks for your workshop... You’re an incredible teacher!
You’re an inspirational, motivational, and inspiring to me...
I tried to buy another workshop one year ago (in Italian... I'm Italian) but I understand your workshop better! ❤️ Thanks for all Shane, seriously... You have done a very good job with this workshop and the community! - Stefano Ganadu
"I started this course because I always loved Shane's style and I wanted to understand his technique. I found myself not only to have well understood the whole process behind the creation of a stylized character, but to have clarified many doubts I had about Zbrush and to have acquired a solid method that allows me to face any kind of shape during modeling.
Shane is a fantastic teacher and I definitely recommend this course" - Stefano Critelli

Shane you are the best instructor I have ever come across, I've studied with other online schools and your teaching style is far better. You give support when its needed. Your course is absolutely brilliant !!!! :) - Lee Murray

By the way, you are such an awesome awesome teacher! So happy to have found your course. - Eliz

"Shane Olson, You are the best teacher ever!"- Vicanti Farron

"I have done a lot of tutorials for different software but yours stand out. It does not feel like an online tutorial but as if you were sitting in the same room, explaining. The explanations are clear, the instructions were good to follow and it sounds like you are really enjoying sculpting in zbrush, which is very motivating - even after long hours"- Stef W
"You are pure awesomeness! Your tutorials are the living proof that learning a tool ( a quite complicated one like Zbrush, especially at first glance ) can be simple and fun! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for your commitment to teaching! Looking forward to more Shane Olson tutorials !!"
- Alvaro Letelier
"Shane's 3D Character Workshop course is absolutely phenomenal! Well thought out, planned and well taught! It's a must for Zbrush artists of all skill levels!"
- Adam Munoa
"Good training doesn’t talk down at you, but guides you and anticipates what knowledge you need to insure you can follow the course.  Shane Olson excels at this which is why it’s a course that even someone with fairly little knowledge of ZBrush can use it."
- Cris Palomino
"I struggled to find any ZBrush instruction that would demystify the software and teach a workflow geared to using ZBrush effectively and efficiently. Somehow, Shane Olson has managed to put together a workshop that has turned me into a confident ZBrush artist. Thanks Shane!"
- Scott Briscoe, Freelance Artist
"Not only does Shane’s stunning work and long career speak for itself, but he has a way with boiling down complex concepts into easy, digestible lessons. His calm and humble demeanor make him super approachable, and makes you feel way less intimidated then you probably should be."
Dave Wolf - Illustrator/Concept Artist/ Character Designer
"The course was my treasure map leading me carefully and wisely to ultimate powah! Along the way I was fortunate enough to ask the Shane Sage important questions, thus victory was assured."
- Matthew Armstong
"As a 12 year professor who’s been involved with 3d for over 25 years, I love Shane’s approach to teaching creatives how to make amazing 3d work."
- Breadwig Ballinger

"3D Character workshop is great, because it's not just a "follow along to get this exact result" kind of tutorial. Shane explains the how and WHY you would use these tools, so you get a thorough step by step understanding of the software and process that you can use with any style of project in the future."

- Anon

"If you've ever wanted a video course that felt like a classroom where the teacher is right there with you, this is it!"

-Angie Simpson

"In the little time I've known Shane, he's been one of the most helpful artists. His calm demeanor, and patient teaching style, lends to proper, abundant and concrete learning of the skills necessary to learning Zbrush especially pertaining to characters."

-Sean Lake

Hey Shane just one last thing I want to say, man you have done a really great job with these tutorials. They really do feel like a journey and not just a series of tutorials to complete in a weekend. I'm browsing the FB group and it's amazing to see. Jose Cua really took to this primitive blocking technique. It's great to see that there's a place where you can come and grow as a character artist. This is sorely needed and I think it's going to be a huge hit!

-Paul McMahon

"Before Shane's classes I'd been ripping my eyes out trying to make zbrush work for me. Shane has taught me zbrush in such a supportive way It has become fun to see how I can further challenge myself!"

"Shane's classes and personal guidance has helped me overcome Zbrush to the point I didn't think was possible."


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