Luigi Lucarelli Student Challenge 2018

challenge luigi zbrush Apr 10, 2018

For this challenge, the students were tasked with modeling any character concepted and approved by the incredible Luigi Lucarelli. 

Here is Luigi's ArtStation, and his Instagram. Please show him your love and support with follows and likes!

The students had two months to complete this challenge ending at midnight on March 31st. The students were judged on how close they came to the concept and overall appeal.

There are four fabulous judges! Thank you so much for volunteering your time judges!!!

Judge #1 is the super awesome Weston Reid!

Weston worked at NCsoft, and now he's at Carbine as a Lead Character Artist! Weston worked on the oh-so-gorgeous Paladins game. You can check out his amazing work over on his ArtStation.

Judge #2 is the highly skilled Matthew Kean!

Matthew works at Firaxis as a Lead Character Artist. He has worked on a game series you may have heard of... Civilization! You can check out a bunch of Matthew's amazing art over on his ArtStation....

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