3DCW Creaturebox Student Challenge

Here are the results of the first 3DCW Student Challenge of 2019!

This time the subject was to "Sculpt anything from the hands and minds of Greg Baldwin and Dave Guertin of Creaturebox!"

What is Creaturebox?

Here is a blurb from their about page:

At its core, CreatureBox is for anyone who enjoys bizarre monster design, comics of spacemen, and illustrations of everything in between. For the past several years, we’ve spent most of our time digging deep into what makes characters tick while trying to tell a few stories along the way. We’ve had influential childhoods filled with cartoons, robots, aliens, and creatures of all shapes and sizes.
Yet through it all, we’ve found collaboration to be the most critical ingredient. Together this has allowed us to expand our sensibilities while challenging each other to become better designers. Most importantly, we’ve found tackling creative battles as a team is good fun and always provides a fresh perspective. Through the website, our visitors are invited along for the ride as we dive into the deep end.
Who is Creaturebox?
Creaturebox was created by two wonderful artists:

Dave Guertin

My Dad bought me my first comic from a CVS pharmacy on the outside of town. In the hands of a highly impressionable kid, those 28 pages of newsprint instantly transformed into a universe of possibilities. My world was dramatically changed and countless discoveries followed—but none were as impactful as Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes. From that moment on, my course was set. I wanted to be a cartoonist.


Greg Baldwin

As a kid, I had at my disposal a workshop littered with every imaginable tool anyone could want. I spent hours inventing obedient robots, fashioning armor and careening down hills in my latest go-kart. While I may not be in a basement tinkering away anymore, I find myself still wandering in that world; experimenting with new ideas and concepts looking to take on the next great saga.


Here's what they had to say about the challenge and who they chose as the winners!

At CreatureBox headquarters we've been blown away by the submissions. From dastardly villains to intrepid heroes, to galactic monstrosities; you've all wielded some beautiful polygonal power. We knew immediately judging wasn't going to be easy--which included some lively debate. But we survived the rumble and present to you…the top 4.

4th Place

Alex Pusch

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? Especially those riding speeder bikes. This was a tough sculpt and we applaud Alex for jumping head first into not only a creature but props and environment material as well.

3rd Place

Angelo Hearn

Angelo really nailed a wonderful balance of form and frequency while maintaining clarity of color palette. The sculpt is fun for the eyes…all 18 of them.

2nd Place

Mike Black

It's not an easy task to sell floating appendages believably. Yet Mike sold the madness from top to bottom. The velvety skin, paired with the delightful jade tendrils proved to us we're not that crazy. Or are we?

1st Place

Corinne Cook

From sculpt, to palette, to charm, Corinne presented a fully realized world that we wanted to explore further. The fantastic balance of detail and carefully observed use of color brought so much life to…..death?

Thanks again everyone for contributing. And remember, if you're making the time to sit down and create, you're winning in our book. Keep it up.

All the best,

Greg and Dave


Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you so much, Greg and Dave, for taking time out of your busy schedules to judge these wonderful pieces! I know it was no small feat. We had 48 entries! The most we've had to date. Also, thank you for providing a seemingly endless amount of incredibly inspirational art to sculpt from. 



Here are the entries in alphabetical (first name) order:

Adam Maurice:

Great attention to the major silhouette as well as the interior forms. Your use of strong sculptural planes really stays true to the original design. Keep details like the teeth, rope and other smaller elements at the same level as the other more resolved areas and the sculpt will have a more cohesive result. Great job!


Adrián Yann Pujol García:

Wonderful expression! Great job hitting the major silhouette shapes as well as capturing the creature's unique gesture. For the teeth, they are lacking confident internal planes and the fin feels too thick in the webbed areas where it should be almost paper thin. Great presentation and really fun sculpt!


4th Place - Alex Pusch:

Excellent job nailing those major silhouette forms as well as the gesture. The attention to detail on the tech bits as well as adding the decals is a great touch. The wrinkles on the sides feel more carved in rather than layered the way organic wrinkles might work. Really fun to see this guy come to life. Great Job!



Alyssa Evensen:

Great technique on the 2D style inner linework, that’s a really fun look. The extra attention to the painted details is really amazing. The interpretation of the face doesn't appear to hold up in the round, these forms are often a tough challenge, but can help bring designs to life. Great work!


Andreas Widder:

Really fun take on this design. The sculpt really captures the personality of the original concept. Pay close attention to the anatomical structures as they can add believability to an otherwise absurd design. Great job!


3rd Place - Angelo Hearn:

Really wonderful sculpt. The way the anatomy and inner details are handled is really nicely handled. The strong plane changes on the wrinkles is particularly nice. The wrinkles are confident and planar, but it'd be nice to see them wrap around the forms more to show additional volume. Great work!


Angry Monday:

This is a really fun take on the creature. The overall silhouette is really nicely sculpted. The attention to how the secondary forms are clustered is excellent. The wrinkles are feeling a bit soft and non-descript. A slightly more confident and planar pass on them would help a lot. Nice job!


Antonio Aponte:

Excellent job bringing this guy to life. Your attention to detail is wonderful. The balance between major and minor forms has created a very successful silhouette. The smaller struts on his arms and legs could use a bit of flaring and subtle arcing to bring additional life. Great Job!


Antonio Aponte 2:

This is a really fun take on the character. The surfacing and presentation are very true to the original concept. Even though the concept lacks definition on the underbelly and tail, I think a small amount of detailing would go a long way to round out this sculpt. Great work!


Arturo Flores:

Wonderful interpretation on this character. Seeing the material contrast between the hair, metals and fabrics is excellent. The patterning on the fabric is a bit generic. Also the intersection where the neck meets the suit's collar could be finessed further to answer how that might actually work. Great sculpt!


Carlos Lee:

This is a really fun interpretation of the original design. The attention to the secondary detail is excellent. The overall forms feel a bit soft and lack strong planes that if added would really push this sculpt to the next level. Great work!


Carlos Lee 2:

Excellent job hitting the major silhouette on this design. The expression you achieved is spot on. Pay close attention to making the subtle anatomy feel more believable to help sell that this character could come to life. Wonderful!


Chris Robbins:

This is a really fun take on this design. The sculpt on the hair, face and body is excellent. The forms feel a bit simplified and stiff overall, but a focused secondary pass along with some smaller details would go a long way. Great work!


Clement Bassery:

Wow! This is a great rendition of this character. The attention to detail is exceptional. The wrinkle forms feel a bit melty, focusing on how the flesh lays over top of itself as gravity takes hold will add a lot of believability to the sculpt. Really wonderful!


1st Place - Corinne Cook:

What a beautiful take on this design. The attention to both form and color is excellent. The balance between subtle and aggressive forms is very nicely observed. The base of the sweatshirt could have a bit more arc and detail to balance against the larger forms. Great work!


Danielle Francois:

This is a really fun take on this creature. The structure you were able to achieve in the eyes and mouth are excellent. Pay attention to how wrinkles lay over themselves to create a layered structure rather than just individual extrusions. Great Job!


Danny Benton:

Great gesture! The balance between hard surface and soft surface really brings a lot of interest to this sculpt. Adding areas of more resolved details in the mechanical portions and in the surfaces of the leather would really add a strong balance to the sculpt. Nice work!


David Banks:

Excellent job capturing the expression! The sculpt of the major silhouette is very well observed. The internal details feel a bit melty. A second pass to isolate planes and add layering to the wrinkles could add a lot to the believability of the character. Excellent work!


Dennis Ng:

This is a wonderful take on this design. It's definitely a very difficult structure to translate into 3D. On the horse, the forms are a bit soft. Adding a plane edge on the wrinkles, mouth-shapes and nostrils would contrast nicely against the larger smoother forms. Awesome piece!


Devin Wilkerson:

Great job capturing the gesture of the character. The structures, in general, are nicely observed but could benefit from some variance between the softer forms and the more aggressive forms like the shells of the arms and legs to add visual interest. Very fun!


Dillan Fuentes:

The overall forms and structure are excellent! The silhouette is really strong. The inner details seem a bit melty and are obscured by some of the material properties. Simple is always best. Great work!


Emma Bravo:

Really adorable. This is a very tough design to keep from becoming too grotesque and the sculpt works very well. Many of the wrinkles could use a secondary pass to make them feel more deliberate and resolved. Really wonderful!


Erick Tosco:

The material contrast is really fun, the rope is particularly nicely executed. The details of the anatomy around areas like the toenails, knees and eyes could be pushed a little further to help ground the stylized forms to add a sense of believability. Great job!


Fernando Almeida:

Great attention to the turns of the trunk, the balance between soft curves and abrupt arcs works well. The volume in the body and feet could be increased to add the weight and give a stronger sense of balanced proportion. Excellent work!



Guy Paquin:

Wonderful use of materials. The large smoother forms contrasted against the heavily detailed interior is really successful. Adding some more believable secondary planes along with detailing the internal organs and bones will help push that contrast even further. Amazing!


Ismael Giguere:

Great job capturing the mood and personality of this character. The layered flesh on the forearms could benefit from more overlap to add nice areas of interest. Great job!


Jake Kapusta:

Excellent presentation! The attention to hitting the pose and silhouette is impressive. The internal anatomy feels a bit soft and could use some stronger plane changes to balance the larger smooth areas. Very fun!


Jason M Hall:

Very fun interpretation and maintains the creepy qualities of this design very well. The secondary details are a bit too simplified to balance the simple forms. Adding more believability to the wrinkles and tooth would help push that contrast. Nice work!


Jason Kunz:

Great job capturing the expression! The silhouette is very well observed. The internal secondary forms are feeling particularly melty and could use more planar transitions and layering in the wrinkles. This would help balance against the larger more simple areas of the design. Very fun!


Keith Breton:

Very charming character. The mood set in this piece works really well. Pushing the anatomy as well as the accouterments further by showing how the secondary forms would work would really help elevate this sculpt. Nice job.


Lucky De:

Great to see such a simple design brought to life! The silhouette is excellent. The internal details could use stronger plane changes to sell the mechanical vibe. Also, adding emissive to the eyes and other lights would really sell the scariness of this design. Very cool!


Markus Haertel:

Very impressive use of the toon rendering style to capture the illustrative feeling of this piece. The observation of scale and form is beautiful. Refining the anatomy where it can be more planar like the backs of the triceps and the strong line from the deltoid to the neck will really push it over the top. Great work!


Martin Kvistholm:

Great Presentation. Really captures the theme of the character. The main forms are handled well and the subtlety to the gradients in the material is very nice. The anatomy and surface details are very soft and could be pushed further to help tell the story of what this character has been through. Nice work!


Mick Schafer:

Wonderful! The posing and silhouette are very nicely sculpted. The mechanical pieces are very fun. The plane change on the tail is particularly well executed. Great Job!


2nd Place - Mike Black:

Very nicely executed. The sculpt really captures the personality of the creature. A bit more swell to where the compression of the feet meet the ground to show the weight of the character would be a nice addition. Excellent work!


Mike Kaiser:

The planes on the ears and the antlers are very nice! You captured the personality of the character nicely. Looking carefully at the anatomical areas like the legs and arms to add a sense of believability to the character would work well to push this sculpt further. Very fun!


Nathan Walker:

Wonderful presentation. The plane changes on the knuckles and fingers are very nicely sculpted. The Shane Olson Page 19 pose is also very true to the concept. The simplification of the wrinkles and horns reduces the contrast between the grotesqueness of the character and its peaceful intentions. Reintroducing some of those details would push that contrast further. Nice work!


Neil Werry:

Nice job balancing the proportions of the large and small forms. The details in the hair, as well as the high frequency of the weathering on the arm, are a bit too busy. Calming those details for subtlety would allowing the larger forms to read as single shapes. Great job!


Nicholas Hon:

The attention to the color identity of this character works really well. The internal forms where things like the teeth and claws intersect the main forms could use more attention to help resolve how those forms work together. Very fun!


Paul Ward:

Nice job capturing the balance between large and small forms. The surface details and materials are on the simplified side. Using reference to look closer at how crustacean shells look and feel could inform a lot about how to handle those areas of this sculpt. Nice work!


Pierpaolo Onnis:

Very nice take on this concept. The proportions are right on. The internal bone structures feel a bit thin Shane Olson Page 21 and simple overall. Adding more volume and secondary details to those forms will help balance the contrast between the busy inner details and the simple outer surface. Excellent work!


Santiago Garcia:

Excellent job capturing the personality of this character. The treatment of the major forms and inner details is very nice. Looking for areas along panel edges where wearing might occur would help add a sense of believability to the forms. Very well done!


Sean Walling:

This is a fun take on this design. The simplification of the forms works well for this presentation. Looking for areas to add stronger planes to the forms such as the shoes or strap so that shapes remain strong and confident will help push the sculpt even further. Nice job!


Tim Frank:

This sculpt really stayed true to the emotion the original piece was trying to evoke. The rhythm between large simple forms and small more compressed details works really well. The cracks in the horns could be more planar to help sell the hardness of the material. Awesome sculpt!


Tim Haslick:

Very fun to see this character brought to life. The variety of materials is a nice addition to the concept. Overall the forms are a bit thin and almost primitive. Increasing the girth of the structure would help to reinforce the strength in the hands while contrasting the frail qualities of the body and legs. Also, the skull is a bit simple, adding some more anatomical structure to the form would work nicely. Great work.


Winston Eken:

This is a great sculpt. The construction looks believable and functional. Also, the planes on the sculpt of the face are very nicely realized. For some additional interest, considering embossing the ear emblem and introduce some designed bends to the wire flow. Amazing Sculpt.


Zachary Hixson:

Very nice. The plane changes on the lip and eyelids work really well. Adding subtle anatomical landmarks to things like the upper legs, knees and shoulder areas would add a bit of believability to the character. Wonderful.




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